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by Heather Alexander

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    Heather's last solo CD before her professional retirement. Full of hidden secrets, dark fantasies, untold desires and heartfelt promises, this swan-song carries the same title as her one and only DVD, (also her final concert ever) but is not the same material. New songs and old favourites combine here to speak a promise that the magic never dies, it just changes.
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Everafter 04:35
EVERAFTER Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander A child cries in the middle of the night It doesn’t understand the world right No one offers to explain Why loved ones cause each other pain The only answer to remain Is run away and hide To Childhood’s other side I think I’ll be a magic bird of prey A soldier with a dragon to slay Whatever that I choose to be The one that’s in control is me Adults can’t hurt what they can’t see My heart they’ll never find I’ve locked it in my mind AND HURT SHALL GUIDE MY HAND FOR PAIN’S THE PRICE I’VE PAID MY SORROW SINGS OF A FAERIETALE LAND AND LOCKS ME IN THIS WORLD I’VE MADE OF EVERAFTER, EVERAFTER, EVERAFTER! Imagination covers all my fears I haven’t grown up all of these years It’s frightening what the mind can do I’ve hidden far away from you My music makes my dreams come true I live in fantasy Who needs reality? But every now and then I never know just when I meet someone who tries to care I cannot feel the love they share They reach for me, but I’m not there I’ve turned and walked away I’ll trust another day! Sea Fire Productions Inc, c&p 2006
EMERALD GREEN Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander There’s a river from whence has come Man’s birth, It was here at the forming of the Earth- A beauty as such no man’s eyes have ever seen- It’s the symbol of what life should be, And all those who can feel It are free, Though there are some of us who can’t see What It could mean- As It flows, grows and glows in emerald green- It calls to some like music from afar, Others look up and they’ll see It in a star- Its power can shine like a sword, sharp and keen- It comforts the heart so forlorn, Mends the lost soul that is torn, And from It’s waters, love and life are reborn Bright and clean- While It flows, grows and glows in emerald green- Brother, friend and lover of my heart, Be not fearful should any of us part- Nothing against us or love can come between- For of this wide river we belong Each of us carries It’s song And It gives us the will to be strong beyond what is seen- For inside we flow, grow and glow in emerald green- Sea Fire Productions, Inc. c&p 2006
VOICES OF THE SEA Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander "Oooo! Let the wind fill your sail!" "Oooo! Good weather to you prevail!" Thus call all the voices of the sea To which whose spell not a sailor can be free The ship was called The Golden Swan When it came to port, not a man was on And none knew where they'd gone! They'd sailed through a pass of jagged rocks Upon which a fair-haired maiden combed her locks She got her tail tangled in a cord And to help her, every sailor jumped off board! "Sailor, sailor, help me free!" "Your trusted lover, I will be!" "If you just believe in me!" They swam in a sea as warm as mother's milk Caressed by hands as sweet and soft as silk They gazed in eyes that sparkled through the sea "Oh sailor, sailor, come make love to me!" "Come gambol through the raging tide!" "Swim forever by my side!" "On the waves as one we'll ride!" Their castle lay within a golden bed Of sunken treasures from the drowned dead "Oh sailors, all this gold is yours one day." "If only you'll believe in what we say." "Never question what you do." "Your life, it will remain with you." "If you’ll just believe we're true!" They dined on fish and drank of bottled wine And danced with the mermaids through the salted brine This wonderland was too much to believe And with that thought, the sailors found they couldn't breathe They tried to swim up to the sky But they found the towering waves too high And the mermaids began to cry "Oooo! Let the wind fill your sail!" "Oooo! Good weather to you prevail!" "Oooo! Let the wind fill your sail!" Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1996, 2006
WITHOUT MY SHADOW Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander The sunlight shines through window blinds To wake me in the morning- The birds will sing, And bells will ring and peal- And when I wake, my dreams I’ll take With fantasies adorning- Begin to try to make them my ideal- Behind my eyes, I’d fantasize And use lies to conceal- But dreams when through, need shadows to be real- I LOOKED AROUND AND THERE WAS YOU- YOU BELIEVED IN ME AND FOR THAT, I MADE IT ALL COME TRUE AND NOW I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’D DO WITHOUT MY SHADOW- I cannot see reality- I have no sense of feeling- Of flying blind, I have a mindless fear- No life in me, how can this be? I’m floating through the ceiling- The ground below I find is nowhere near- The world has changed, all re-arranged Now I’m a stranger here- But I’ll still be real if I can feel a tear- The twilight‘s dawn is fading on A childhood summer’s evening- The fog rolls by and turns the sky to grey- I’m all alone without a home I find my heart is grieving Within this room, there’s none with whom to play- I look around, all up and down No words I’ve found to say, Cause I know it’s true, I still need you this way! Sea Fire Productions, Inc. c&p 2006
Dark Visions 04:43
DARK VISIONS Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander Clock strikes at five, Thus rises the dawn- Morning’s alive, But not all shadows are gone- Clock strikes at nine, I rise from my sleep- But the nightmares are mine, They’re heartbreaks to keep- Clock strikes at twelve, High noon is here- Into darkness I delve, My soul sheds a tear- AND THERE’S DARK VISIONS IN DAYLIGHT NIGHTMARES THROUGH THE DAY OH, THERE’S DARK VISIONS IN DAYLIGHT SINCE YOU WENT AWAY- Clock strikes at five, The day’s at an end- But hard as I strive, I can’t find friend- Clock strikes at ten, Sleep’s on the way- But it starts once again, At the dawn of the day- OH THERE’S DARK VISIONS IN DAYLIGHT ONLY YOU’LL SET ME FREE OF THOSE DARK VISIONS IN DAYLIGHT PLEASE COME BACK TO ME- COME BACK TO ME- Sea Fire Productions, Inc. c&p 2006
PLAYTHINGS PAST Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander Crystal light falls on the wall, I wonder if it’s there at all? Marking time, bells chime down the hall- Dreams that were given a start, Seem to be falling apart- Loss and gain, cause pain in my heart- Magical dreamlands fading away, Mist melting in the morning- Reaching with young hands into the grey- Holding to the last playthings past- Hopes that may never come true, Change into something brand new- Wonderous things, teachings carried through- Wishes fly on a new wing, Songs have a new voice to sing- All I’ve learned, she turned ‘round to bring- Sailing an old ship with a new mast, Never to lay in anchor- Old iron forged is now freshly cast New dreams made from last playthings past- Playthings past- Sea Fire Productions, Inc. c&p 2003, 2006
UNDERTAKERS FROM HELL Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander STEP BY STEP, WE WALK IN THE DARKNESS! WINK AND BLINK, WE SQUINT AT THE LIGHT! BLACK AND BLACKER, LOVING OUR STARKNESS! KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR ON HALLOWEEN NIGHT! Dreams your dreams, we'll turn them to nightmares! Sing your songs, we'll change 'em to cries! Tell your tale when no-one in sight cares! End them all when everyone dies! We can change a friend to an enemy! We can turn a family to foe! Fear can send your soul to condemnity! There you'll scream and no-one will know! Fear can make you see your iniquity! Sear your heart and shatter your soul! Freeze your mind for all of Antiquity! Slice you up and you'll never be whole! Don't answer that bell! Never, ever let us in! We're undertakers from Hell! And we're here to take you in! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2006
BY BEING CLOSE Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander By being close, we’ve grown too far apart, No longer can I visualize What lies within your heart- To be as we were long ago, We’ll need a brand new start- For by being close, we’ve grown too far apart- When every day was innocent, The time went swift and fast- We made a heartfelt promise, That as friends we’d always last- Afraid of both our inner truths, We told the whitest lies, And in those days, we’d lock our gaze But now we drop our eyes- Now as I walk through inner worlds, My heart can feel the cold- Our friendship faded in a fog, And we grew tired and old- Perchance it was when truths were lost, Or held back secretly- Those many years of silent tears Had changed both you and me- As we embrace the things we’ve learned That we have both denied- The tangled web that once we wove Will now become untied- The single strands of colours bright, Will straighten out and then, We’ll take the ones we know are ours, And start to weave again- Our tapestries of inner truth Will spread out wide and long- We’ll each weave for ourselves alone, And therefore hold up strong- We’ll gain the strength to live and love, In true realities, We’ll then begin to find within, Our similarities- For by being close, we’ve grown too far apart, But still I find I’d like to see the wishes of your heart- The trust will take some time to grow, While fear and pain depart, When grieving ends, we could be friends- We’re not that far apart- Sea Fire Productions, Inc. c&p 2006
LIFETIME OF SONG Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander How great is the need for the toys of mankind If you learn how to feed from the joys you can find? When a smile and a wink and a snippet of song Is good trade for a drink and a place to belong? What gift can I find in return for this prize? All the genuine kindness I see in your eyes? I can learn of your dreams and this much I can do For this moment, it seems, I can give them to you I WILL FASHION A RHYME WITH A TWIST OF MY TONGUE I WILL TURN BACK THE TIME TO WHEN ALL THINGS WERE YOUNG I WILL GIVE TO THIS EARTH, OF MY SELF, RIGHT OR WRONG FOR YOUR KINDNESS IS WORTH MY LIFETIME OF SONG I’ll confront all your fears so for you they will die I can cry all the tears that you tough boys won’t cry All the words you can’t speak will be my common speech All the answers you seek, I can help you to reach This vow that I make, for my lifetime will stay For the music you take, you can give what you may A green paper eagle, or a smile when we part All tender is legal when sent from the heart! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1996, 2006
MAKING OF MY OWN Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander You are a monster in the night, You are a shadow on the stair- In the mirror’s morning light, It’s your face and not mine there- Whispering darkly in my head, Turning dreamland ‘round and ‘round, You raise me far up off my bed, Watch me plummet to the ground! TELL ME WHAT DO YOU NEED? WHY DON’T YOU LEAVE ME ALONE? YOU’RE NOT A DIFFERENT BREED, YOU ARE A MAKING OF MY OWN! I hear you calling, hear you cry, Feel you rattle in your cage- If I don’t feed you, you will die, A hungry child that will not age- Hold me tightly in your hand, Wrap me ‘round your finger- You are the leader of the band, I am just your singer! I try to break this bond of steel, But we never seem to part- I wonder which of us is real? Which is fabric from the start? When I finally push you down, Seems you stay there far too long- I feel my spirit start to drown ‘Cause there’s something very wrong! I call myself a slave to you, Yet it’s my foot that is free- I’m always wanting something new, Still you give it all to me- I think I understand the truth, Though the thought of it is strange- Choice was made back in our youth, ‘Cause we felt we couldn’t change! TELL ME WHAT DO YOU NEED? PLEASE DON’T YOU LEAVE ME ALONE! TO YOU I WILL CONCEDE, I AM THE FLESH AND YOU THE BONE- TELL ME WHAT DO YOU NEED TO OVERCOME THE FEAR THAT’S GROWN? I”LL FOLLOW WHERE YOU LEAD, I AM A MAKING OF YOUR OWN! A MAKING OF YOUR OWN! Sea Fire Productions, Inc. c&p 2006
FIRE WHEN READY Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander A gun blazed! Cheek was grazed From across the yard! A true shot! Muzzle smokin’ hot! I was hit by love real hard! Stagger ‘round to see You standing there in front of me- I try to run away, But I’m stunned by your love And all I can do is say- TAKE AIM, FIRE WHEN READY! TAKE AIM, FIRE WHEN READY! I AM YOURS! Dark eyes, where a passion lies And where free will perseveres Unarmed, I will not be harmed As you target all my fears- With each one blown away, I find it then much easier to stay- But if I dodge and dart, Then your tracker’s true And the laser’s right on my heart! Sweet pain, pleasure is my gain When I play the target for you- All day, I will be your prey Until the sunlight’s through- And with the fall of night, I know I’ve finally got it right- The bullet hit its mark Our love has proved It was worth a shot in the dark! Sea Fire Productions, Inc. c&p 2006
Life's Flame 07:11
LIFE’S FLAME Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander One dark and stormy night, a fledgling fell from flight, into a falconer’s arms- Though dead it seemed to be, the falconer could not see, any wound to cause such harms- The falconer bound it ‘round, and laid it on the ground, then went and built a funeral pyre- With the bandaged bird within, soon the flames began to spin, tangle up and then grow higher- From there a phoenix bold, rose up of flame and gold, twisting about within the air- Still bound it hung above, and sang of pain and love, of magic power both dark and fair- I AM LIFE'S FLAME! RESPECT MY NAME! MY FIRE IS RED, MY HEART IS GOLD! THY DREAMS CAN BE! BELIEVE IN ME! IF YOU BUT LET MY WINGS UNFOLD! Up spoke the falconer’s fear, “There may be danger here, I cannot let this raptor free- It’s words I cannot trust, it burns with power’s lust, and so in turn it could burn me-” The falconer then moved fast, and iron shackles cast, thus catching up the bird in chain- “Thy fear has boded ill, and bound me ‘gainst my will, now I must die and rise again-” The phoenix burned so bright, it burst upon the night, it’s golden breast did flame and flare- One flash of fire and then, came stormy night again, and found the falconer holding air! The magic never dies, in children’s hearts it lies, pray let them learn from times before- From dragon’s flame and ire, can come forth phoenix fire, and we will hear the song once more- Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1996, 2006
THEY ARE COMING Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander I hear the horns of fair Avalon, Sound out across the misted hill- I feel the bansidhe’s breath upon, My neck and back with frosty chill- I smell the scent of moss and leaves, Of water and of stone- I see the truth my heart believes, The secret hidden in my bone- THEY ARE COMING! I taste the blood of the Chalice Well, Of healing and of ancient lore- I know the truth it tried to tell me, Once, then again before- I walk the path the ley lines make, Of magic and of power- I trust the road that I must take, On this most wild and frightening hour! THEY ARE COMING! I’ve spoken to Them many times, They know my wish, my heart’s desire- I’ve sworn an oath in song and rhymes, To brave the blaze of a Sacred Fire- I‘ve found a wound that must be healed, That I have long denied- I’ve learned that truth must be revealed, To dry the tears I long have cried- THEY ARE COMING! You trust me with your hearts and dreams, Your secrets and your fantasies- You love me strong, or so it seems, And so for you, I’ve aimed to please- You answer when I call for aid, You’re there when I’m alone- You now must please not be afraid, This path I walk is on my own- THEY ARE COMING! I journey back in heart and soul, I travel to the land of Fae- I know that Magic has a toll, And I’m prepared its price to pay- I bind myself to Music’s hand, For it shall see me through- I give my heart to Faerieland So it shall then give back to you- THEY ARE COMING! No thing’s ever given out, That something back is not returned- All things are without a doubt, Great discoveries to be learned- Everything will magic be, And this I swear is true, Each of you will live in me, As I will always live in you- THEY ARE COMING! THEY ARE COMING! THEY ARE COMING! Sea Fire Productions, Inc. c&p 2006


released October 1, 2006


all rights reserved



Heather Alexander Redmond, Washington

A changling from the Land of Fae, Heather brings stories and songs from a world where magic never dies and anything can happen if you only believe.

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