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Enchantment - Uffington Horse

by Heather Alexander

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    Uffington Horse, Heather Alexander's folk-rock band, debuts this first album featuring an english folk-rock sound inspired by the bands of Fairport Convention and Steel-Eye-Span
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Enchantment 03:25
ENCHANTMENT Music & Lyrics by Heather Alexander Come ye in of your own free will, Sit ye down and have a drink- Ease your pain as the night grows still, In a warm chair you can sink- Hang yer coat, doff yer cap, Strike the road dust from your shoes- Draw an ale from the wooden tap, It’s the best of all our brews- TURN YOUR HEAD, LOOK OVER YOUR SHOULDER, TELL ME NOW, WHAT DO YOU SEE? BUILDINGS OF MAN IN A NAMELESS TOWN, OR ENCHANTMENT OF THE GENTRY? You’ve ate our food and you’ve drank our wine, Now it’s time to have a song- You can leave while you have the time, Or you can sing along- Tell us a tale, sing us a tune, Or dance with the girl in green- Tell who you are and what you’ve done, And the mysteries you’ve seen- The stories told and the music played, Go on through endless time- Some are dark and some are gay, In free form or in rhyme- Lilt and lyric weave a cloth As soft as a velvet gown- That wraps you as a flame to moth While you slowly settle down- Your eyes will close as you start to doze, As your head back slowly slips- The finest wine will around you bind As it tingles on your lips- The dawn will glow, the cock will crow But you’ll never hear that call- ‘Tis the finest inn t’which you ‘ere have been So you may not leave at all- Sea Fire Productions Inc. c&p 2004
Camden Town 03:53
Camden Town Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander Walkin' 'round London with time to spend, Go uptown with a trusted friend- Head straight out and around the bend, Everything you want's in the northern end! IN CAMDEN TOWN, CAMDEN TOWN! WHISPERED THROUGH THE UNDERGROUND- EVERY DESIRE OF MAN'S BEEN FOUND- HIDDEN IN THE STREETS OF CAMDEN TOWN! Silk and leather and lace and chain, Weave together in patterns plain- Hawkers cry with a wild refrain, One man's loss is another man's gain! "What do you wish?" they'll ask of me, "A crystal ball so that you can see- all that has been and is yet to be!" "Fifteen pounds and a penny, three!" "Handsome lad, what is your desire?" "A red-haired girl by a cracklin' fire- With rosy lips that would never tire!" "Sign your name on the line, dear squire!" "Little wee lass, what is your delight?" "A fuzzy top hat in black and white, Thigh-high boots and a skirt so tight!" "Better check it out with your mum tonight!" Every shape and colour and size, Presented here as a perfect prize- All your dreams will materialize, Just pay the clerk and close your eyes! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2004
FORTUNE'S DAUGHTER Lyrics: Philip Obermarck Music: Heather Alexander She was standin' in the lamplight Of the rain-wet street below You were searchin' for a soft sight So you stopped to say "Hello" With a wry grin and a sly look Oh, you took her in your dreams But she read you like an old book 'Cause she isn't what she seems! DANCIN' WITH FORTUNE'S DAUGHTER CIRCLING HIGH ACROSS THE WATER RACING FROM THE SUNRISE WISHING FOR A REPRISE WHEN SHE'LL ROLL YOUR BONES AGAIN! FORTUNE'S DAUGHTER! You were ready for some fast sport As you stood there in the lane With your skin tight and your breath short But your hopes were all in vain With your blood up and your guard down Oh, she brought you to your knees She said softly with a sad frown "You have met your destiny!" With a loud crack and a bright flash Oh, she rolled a set of dice When they landed with a small splash Well, your soul was frozen ice! Now you wander like a stray dog Always huntin' for a bone And you whimper in the cold fog As you search for Fortune's Crone! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2004
ANIMALS ALL THE SAME Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander We walk on two legs, hold our heads up high No other animal dare meet us in the eye "We're so superior", "We've come so far!" Too bad we've forgotten the animals we are! What is the difference between feathers and hair? The handprint of a human or the one of a bear? We all roar with laughter, we all howl with tears Show our teeth when angry, lay back our ears THE PASSION'S WITHIN YOU WHISPERING WHAT YOU WANT TO BE TAKE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR WHAT ANIMAL DO YOU WISH TO SEE? A man is a "young buck", a woman, "a fox" Raccoons all wear black masks & horses have socks A monkey's got uncles & in time you will see All this foolish behavior makes an "ass" out of me! We each meet our animal in its time and place While gazing into its eyes, we see our own face It'll teach us and guide us if we but call its name For under one starry sky we're animals all the same! Animals are precious, without them we'd be lost But we still conquer land and sea, regardless of the cost We laugh in the face of Nature defying Her great plan Now who's the dumber species? The animals or Man? Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2004
PIRATE BILL & SQUIDLY Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander Pirate Bill and Squidly came jumpin’ through the sky Said Pirate Bill to Squidly, “It’s a damn fine day to die!” “For the sun is up, the sky is clear There’s no cloud bank to be found, Oh, they say ‘the sky’s the limit’ But we both know it’s the ground!" Mountains capped in snow-white hats and skies of azure blue 120 miles an hour’s just fine for me and you Oh there’s always chance of failure But we make that choice to fall, For how can you leap into your life If you never jump at all? NO LIMITS AND NO FEAR- BETTER CHECK OUT ALL YOUR GEAR- “GOT SAFETY” ON A RIBBON AND YOU'LL FIND WITH YOUR SNEEKERS ON A CLOUD- NO WHINERS ARE ALLOWED- AND THE ONLY LIMIT IN THIS WORLD IS THE ONE WITHIN YOUR MIND! Pirate Bill and Squidly, they took me out to play, Said Pirate Bill and Squidly, “You will learn to live today” “Just arch your back and spread your arms Let the wind scream in your ears- And when you have finally touched the ground You’ll have turned back twenty years!” With Pirate Bill and Squidly, I’m at 15000 feet, Said Pirate Bill and Squidly, “On the ground now we will meet” “Oh you’ve come this far, claim who you are, There’s no time left to hedge” And hanging on those words alone, I stepped right off the edge! Spinning and falling, your destiny calling, You don’t think of death ‘cause you can’t catch your breath You’re moving so fast and you want it to last And you’re only just starting to let out a smile The world turns around and you stare at the ground And it’s so far away and you just want to stay In the air a bit more, this is what life is for And the chute opens up and you stop- Pirate Bill and Squidly, came floating through the sky, Said Pirate Bill and Squidly “Now you know how it’s to fly” “Cause your heart is quick, your breath is short, your eyes are filled with pools And your life can be just like this if you follow these few rules”- Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2004
ICHABOD CRANE Music & Lyrics by Heather Alexander Traditional Fiddle Tune: Cold, Frosty Morning Walkin’ through the town in a fancy learned way Talk is goin' round and now we’re bettin' you don’t stay Horseman’s out for glory and your head you cannot keep If you don’t believe the stories when the hollow is asleep Such a tasty morsel but you cannot have her yet Don’t act in haste of course because she’s someone else’s pet Teacher, I beseech you now to try to keep your head And don’t tumble with Van Tassle in a fluffy feather bed- ICHABOD CRANE, DON'T GO RIDIN' TONIGHT! THERE'S A BRIGHT, BLOODY STAININ' ON THE PALE MOONLIGHT! BULLFROG'S CRYIN' OUT A WICKED REFRAIN ARE YA LISTENIN' TO HIM SINGIN', “ICHABOD CRANE”?! The horseman rides a stallion that’s as black as Winter’s night Courses through the valley in attempt to give us fright If you think of midnight strollin’ better think upon it twice ‘Cause your head will go a rollin’ just as smooth as loaded dice Now don’t ya be forgettin' that they say he cannot fail Not a soul’s whose met him and has lived to tell the tale He’ll decapitate you quick and dead and never show remorse And he’ll gather up your severed head and feed it to his horse So if you’re out at evenin’ and you see a head of flame Too late to start believin’, you have just yourself to blame Your safety lies within a chance that only happens when You hastely cross the covered bridge and not return again! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2004
Yo Ho! 05:55
YO HO! Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander Traditional Music arranged by Heather Alexander Sittin' at the dockside, linin' for fish, With all idle time that a man could wish- The world goes black with a crack on the head, Wake with an ache and a belly unfed, Take a look around and you wish you were dead- 'Cause you're WORKIN' ON A SLAVER! SINGIN' "YO HO, CRACK YOUR BACK IN TWO!" AS YOU PULL THE OAR OF THE GALLEY ON! "YO HO, CRACK YOUR BACK IN TWO!" AS YOU ROW YOUR SOUL AWAY! Can't wait in the mornin' for the day to end, And the touch of the whip is your only friend- They'll work ya' hard and they'll work ya' fast, When you get enough courage to talk at last, Then they'll wrap your entrails around the main mast- When you're WORKIN' ON A SLAVER! Well, the food they serve ends up at your feet, If you eat ship rats then ya' get more meat! You raise the oar at the captain's call, And no one claims that it hurts 'em at all, For it's nothin' when compared to a good keel haul- When you're WORKIN' ON A SLAVER! What do you do with a broken sailor? Earli in the mornin'? WAY HAY, AND UP HE RISES EARLI IN THE MORNIN'? Throw him over board and drag him on the anchor! Earli in the mornin'? Feed 'im to the sharks 'til the bones is floatin! Earli in the mornin'? Hang 'im from the mast as a Jolly Roger! Earli in the mornin'? Well, there is no escapin' from the devilish pit, If you talk revolution then your tongue gets split- Ya' can't speak truth and ya' don't dare lie, If ya' make them kill you then you're braver than I, For they think of hellish ways for a man to die! When you're WORKIN' ON A SLAVER! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1990, 2004
Fallen Angel 04:36
FALLEN ANGEL Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander A thousand tears I have shed, A million hearts before my very eyes bled- Broken down to my knees, The Devil deaf to my merciful pleas- SILVER FEATHERS TORN TO SHREDS- Red blood upon my shoulder DOWN ON MY KNEES IN THE DEPTHS OF HELL- God have mercy on this fallen angel GOD HAVE MERCY ON THIS FALLEN ANGEL- God have MERCY- ON THIS FALLEN ANGEL! I lay me down to sleep, The devil has my soul forever to keep- Freedom's dream is my vice, But I don't know if I dare pay the price- FOR WHAT IS FREEDOM? But a way to weigh you down? A MATCH TO BURNING FIRE? A cup of water when you DROWN? Three tender souls are the cost, If I walk free their lives forever are lost- Should I go or stay? I just don't know 'cause Hell either way! HOW LONG IN TORTURE MUST I LIE? BY GOD, I WISH TO HELL THAT ANGELS COULD DIE! SILVER FEATHERS TORN TO SHREDS- Red blood upon my shoulder DOWN ON MY KNEES IN THE DEPTHS OF HELL- God have mercy on this fallen angel GOD HAVE MERCY ON THIS FALLEN ANGEL- God have MERCY- ON THIS FALLEN ANGEL! God have mercy this angel! God have mercy on me! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2004
NEVER LOOSE HOPE Music & Lyrics by Heather Alexander Things grow darker every day, I can't remember what I'm thinking- Pretty soon I'll loose my way, And into dark despair I'm sinking- In my mind I'm cold and tired, Yet my heart insists on beating- I pray once more to be inspired, I hear a little voice repeating- NEVER LOOSE HOPE BECAUSE YOUR SPIRIT NEVER DIES, YOU'RE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK IF YOU OPEN UP YOUR EYES- TAKE A LOOK INSIDE YOURSELF & THEN 'ROUND WHERE YOU STAND, AND MAYBE, YES JUST MAYBE, THE ANSWER'S WAITING IN YOUR HAND- Friends are calling on my name, To raise their spirits I endeavor- Their pain like mine is much the same, I tell them "No, it's not forever"- Step by step, it's darker still, Every vein inside is severing- Going on's an act of will, And on that voice I'm betting everything- Become as simple as the wind or as the beasts upon the earth- Learn to control the inner power that was bestowed on you at birth- May have to give yourself a shove or just step back and take a breath- When you have conquered fear of love you know that you have conquered death- Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2004
WATER'S IN THE HOLD Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander Hear the rain fallin' from the mizen mast Feel the pain, knowin' that you cannot last It's the song of siren screamin' in your head Not too long and lad, you're gonna end up dead! SO DRIVE IT THROUGH THE WATER A FEW FEET MORE, YOU GOT HER! JUST RAM INTO THE ROCK AND THEN FEEL IT PITCH AND SHOCK 'TIL YOUR BLOOD IS PUMPIN' COLD! LADDIE, THEN THERE'S WATER! WATER'S IN THE HOLD! Touch of bubbles on your salted skin No more troubles as you drift on in Breath is leaving, you don't need that air Death ain't grievin' and we just don't care! Hold me close, hold me fast Make this dark and wet night last Water's in the hold! Wrapped in ocean, you belong to me Trapped in motion now you can't get free In my grips it seems you have to stay Kiss my lips, 'cause lad, it's best that way! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2004
UFFINGTON HORSE Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander Where ancient walls of castle halls Resound with voice and string- We'll journey there where on the air The chords of magic ring- Where welcome notes come from the throats Of friendship soon to be- And songs will grace a mystic place Enchanting you and me- WE'LL RUN THE COURSE FROM STONEHENGE UP TO UFFINGTON- ON A WHITE CHALK HORSE WE'LL RIDE! NO FEAR HAVE I OF FAERIE, SPRITE OR MORTAL MAN- IF YOU ARE BY MY SIDE! IF YOU ARE BY MY SIDE! We'll travel 'round far underground Where shadows dance and run- In tunnels deep, where goblins sleep And never see the sun- Where darkness seems alive with screams Of bansidhe on the fly- Hot wind will send your hair on end When dragons pass you by! And in the wood where Robin Hood Once hid his secret den- We'll play a song and sing along With all his merry men- And tell a tale with fine brewed ale And friends from long ago- And tread the moss of Robin's Cross Where magic memories flow! We'll climb the hill where lying still The one true horse remains- Protected there by those who care Against the winds and rains- And standing where a thankful prayer Is said by you and me- Our humble quest is greatly blessed By ancient mystery- And now I roam on winds of home And think on what I've learned- Of ancient bones and standing stones How dragon fire's burned- Of Ladies Nine, and magic sign And travels made by chance- While under me I think I see The nine white horses dance! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2004
Rock N' Gold 03:25
ROCK & GOLD Music & Lyrics by Heather Alexander Come on in, I can hear your feet- Awhile it’s been since I had good meat- And from your stare I see you like the place- A dragon’s lair is shinin’ in your face- MINE, ALL MINE, IT'S ROCK AND GOLD! IT'S SO FINE, IT'S ROCK AND GOLD! I’m in a mood, Feelin’ so sublime- I’ll skip the food and letcha’ live this time- Your worth you’ll prove, amongst other things- If you set a groove while I shake my wings- ROCK AND GOLD, ROCK AND GOLD! MINE, ALL MINE, IT'S ROCK AND GOLD! ROCK AND GOLD, ROCK AND GOLD! IT'S SO FINE, IT'S ROCK AND GOLD! Bang on a pot, Let the copper ring- That sword you brought should make the armor sing- We’ll jig and prance, and let the gold dust settle- And then we’ll dance on top of heavy metal- If you steal it off of me, you’ll need a surgeon- But I’ll sell it for a fee, if you’ve got a pretty virgin! Sea Fire Productions Inc. c&p 2004
BLACK UNICORN Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander I am he that knocks on your windowpane, I am he that stalks the night- I am he with silver shot through my mane, You'll dream of me with fire-eyes bright! If you ever meet me standing there, You'll wish that you were never born- I'll seize your soul and strip it bare, I am the black unicorn! My horn is forged of silver fire, My shoulders bear leathern wings- I am the nightmare of your own desire, I am the song that the Devil sings! Hell fire dancing in my eyes, My coat is as black as coal- Mortals are so quick to hypnotize, And then I mearly take your soul! Teeth sharp as daggers cooled in the snow, And hooves that burn through the ground- Follow me not where I lead you to go, For then your soul will be Devil-bound- There is but one who rides my back, And keeps his soul ever free- His heart is cold and will not crack, And he is as cursed as me! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1990, 2004
UP IN THE LOFT Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander Up the backless staircase, To the dark ahead- This is the loft of my place, With memories long dead- Ah, but yesterday I heard it, With its haunting mournful cry- I don't know how to word it, But I'll look it in the eye! SOMETHING'S UP IN THE LOFT! BETTER SHAKE IT DOWN! COBWEB TRIM ON A CORSETED GOWN! MIRRORS REFLECTING AN ALIEN FACE! DAGGERS DISSECTING AND LEAVING NO TRACE! SOMETHING'S UP IN THE LOFT! A brown and binded ledger, With a spider squished inside- I trimmed with the edger, But the stain I couldn't hide- I glanced upon its pages, My heart had filled with dread- "Thou art doomed throughout the ages!" Was all the damned words said! Shadows dancing on the wall! Footsteps sounding down the hall! The candle is short but the flame burns tall! Something's up in the loft! I dusted off the steamer trunk, I broke the frozen latch- I opened to some slimy gunk, With an egg about to hatch! The room filled with a thin glow, The egg began to sway- So I threw it out the window, And watched it fly away! There's no game in the mind When the players are blind! Something's up in the loft! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1990, 2004


released September 1, 2004


all rights reserved



Heather Alexander Redmond, Washington

A changling from the Land of Fae, Heather brings stories and songs from a world where magic never dies and anything can happen if you only believe.

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