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Heather Alexander and the Album of Secrets

by Heather Alexander

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    A companion to the live recording, "Festival Wind", this is collection of songs that didn't fit, bloopers from behind the scenes and old lost songs from the archives of long ago.
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ANTIQUE DESIRES Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander When I was in my teenage years, A man stepped into my life- He changed the world from what I thought it used to be Soon I got to wishin' That I could be his wife- I ran straight home and asked, "Mom, what's wrong with me?" SHE SAID, "ANTIQUE DESIRES FOR A BRAND NEW HEART, EVERYONE'S BEEN CAPTURED ONCE OR TWICE- ANTIQUE DESIRES FOR A BRAND NEW HEART, LET'S JUST HOPE THAT BURNING FIRE DOESN'T TURN TO ICE". The burning fire never died, Winter never came- A country home, a loving man and a son born just the same I look back upon my life When it was at a start, And thanked all those antique desires for a brand new heart! Fortune smiled upon me, We've been married twenty years- We have a little daughter in our family tree One day she came home flustered, And her face all washed with tears- I told her what my mother once told me Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2003
PLAYTHINGS PAST Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander Crystal light falls on the wall I wonder if it’s there at all Marking time, bells chime down the hall Dreams that were given a start Seem to to be falling apart Loss and gain cause pain in my heart Magical dreamlands fading away Mist melting in the morning Reaching with young hands into the grey Holding to the last Playthings past Hopes that may never come true Change to something brand new Wonderous things, teachings carried through Wishes fly on a new wing Songs have a new voice to sing All I’ve learned, she turned round to bring Sailing an old ship with a new mast Never to weigh or anchor Old iron forged is now freshly cast New dreams made from last Playthings past Sea Fire Productions Inc. c&p 2003
Old Souls 04:31
OLD SOULS Lyrics: Philip Obermarck Music: Heather Alexander She combs bird nests from her tresses Crosslegged upon the cool floor Smiling at me as I offer to help I feel like we've been here before Laughing at Death, screaming at Fate Sharing with friends and it's never too late WE ARE OLD SOULS WITH NEW FACES ONCE MORE WE'RE TOGETHER AGAIN A TURN OF THE WHEEL PUTS US IN DIFFERENT PLACES KNOWING EACH OTHER SINCE I DON'T KNOW WHEN OUR LOVE IS AS STRONG AS IT EVER WAS THEN Stretched out on the bed, our hearts open Talking til night is no more Fading to sleep as dawn becons us onward I feel like we've been here before Shining with light, thinking as one Healing old wounds and we're bright as the sun We walk hand in hand in the moonlight The world is a place we ignore Living together in dreams of our own I feel like we've been here before Shivering with fear, burning above Blood of the Clan and the spirit of love Sea Fire Productions, Inc c&p 2003
JOHNNY McELDOU Traditional Irish song It was Johnny McEldou, and Magee and me And a couple two or three went on a spree one day We had a bob or two, which we knew how to blew And the beer and whiskey flew and we all felt gay We visited McCann's, Maclamann's, Humpty Dann's We then went into Swann's, our stomachs for to pack We ordered out some feed, which indeed, we did need And we finished it with speed, but we still felt slack Johnny McEldou turned as blue as the dew And a plate of Irish stew he soon put out of sight He shouted an encore with a roar for some more That he'd never felt before such a keen appetite He ordered eggs and ham, bread and jam, what a cram! But him we couldn't tram though we tried our level best And everything they brought, cold or hot, mattered not It went down him like a shot and he still stood the test He ordered tripe and lard, by the yard, we despared We thought it would go hard when the waiter brought the bill Told him to give o'r, but he swore he could lo're Twice as much again and more before he had his fill He nearly supped a trough full of broth, said MacGroth "He'll have all the table cloth if ya don't haul him in!" When the waiter brought the charge, MacEldou felt so large He began to skulk and barge and his blood went on fire He began to curse and swear, tear his hair in dispair To finish the affair, called the shopman a liar Shopman, he threw out and no doubt, he did clout MacEldou, he kicked about like an old football Tattered all his clothes, broke his nose, I suppose He'd have killed him in a few blows in no time at all MacEldou began to howl and to growl at mesoul' Threw an empty bowl at the shopkeepers head Struck at Mickey Flinn, peeled the skin off his chin And the rustles did begin and we all fought and bled Peelers did arrive, man alive! Four or five At us they made a drive for us all to march away Paid for all the meat that we ate, stood atrait And went home to ruminate on the spree that day Sea Fire Productions Inc, c&p 2003
Hi Barbara! 04:38
HIGH BARBARY Traditional Arranged by Heather Alexander Look ahead, look astern, look the weather and the lee BLOW HIGH, BLOW LOW, AND SO SAILED WE! I see a wreck to windward and a lofty ship to lee ASAILIN' DOWN ALONG THE COAST OF HIGH BARBARY! "Are you a privateer, or a man-o-war?" cried we "I am a lusty pirate ship come lookin' for my fee!" For broadside, for broadside, we fought along the main Until at last the frigate shot the pirate's mast away With cutlass and gun, oh, we fought for hours three The ship, it was their coffin, and their grave, it was the sea "For quarter, for quarter!" the saucy pirates cried But the quarter that we showed them was to sink them in the tide! And oh, twas a cruel sight, and grieved us full sore To see them all a-drownin' as they tried to swim ashore Sea Fire Productions Inc, c&p 2003
HIELAND LASSIE Traditional Tune and Chorus Additional Lyrics by Heather Alexander Where ya been now all the day, Bonnie Lassie, Hieland Lassie? Where ya been now all the day, Bonnie, Hieland Lassie? I’ve been travellin up and down, Singin my songs in every town! HEY HO & AWAY WE GO BONNIE LADDIE, HEILAND LADDIE! HEY HO & AWAY WE GO BONNIE, HEILAND LADDIE! I grew up in the Silicon Bay, Sang from there down to LA! Started up at the Renaissance Faire, Didn’t pay much, but I didn’t much care! Played at many an Irish bar, Bumped my head, saw Plough and Stars! Sold my home and bought an RV, So my pets could travel with me! Settled up in the Puget Sound, Sunshine there can never be found! Sang at many a Highland Game, Just to get a GOOD piper’s name! I sang out at Gig Harbor, Saw some fey folk wearin’ fur! I sang at a Sci FI con, Folk there have the weirdest things on! I sang for the SCA, Sang war songs ten times a day! In winter I don’t want to roam, So I bought my Oregon home! But in springtime when the cat has grinned, I’m bound out on a festival wind! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 2003
PIRATE BILL & SQUIDLY Music & Lyrics by Heather Alexander Pirate Bill and Squidly came jumpin’ from the sky Said Pirate Bill to Squidly, “It’s a damn fine day to die!” “For the sun is up, the sky is clear, There’s no cloud bank to be found, Oh, they say ‘the sky’s the limit’ But we both know it’s the ground!" Mountains capped in snow-white hats and skies of azure blue 120 miles an hour’s just fine for me and you Oh there’s always chance of failure But we make that choice to fall, For how can you leap into your life If you never jump at all? NO LIMITS & NO FEAR!- BETTER CHECK OUT ALL YOUR GEAR!- “GOT SAFETY" ON A RIBBON & YOU'LL FIND- WITH YOUR SNEAKERS ON A CLOUD- NO WHINERS ARE ALLOWED- AND THE ONLY LIMIT IN THIS WORLD IS THE ONE WITHIN YOUR MIND! Pirate Bill and Squidly, they took me out to play, Said Pirate Bill and Squidly, “You’ll learn to live today” “Just arch your back and spread your arms, While the wind screams in your ears- And when you have finally touched the ground, You’ll have turned back twenty years!” With Pirate Bill and Squidly, I’m at 15000 feet, Said Pirate Bill and Squidly, “On the ground now we will meet” “Oh you’ve come this far, claim who you are! There’s no time left now to hedge”- And holding to those words alone, I stepped right off the edge! Spinning and falling, your destiny calling, You don’t think of death ‘cause you can’t catch your breath You’re moving so fast but you want it to last And you’re only just starting to let out a smile The world turns around and you stare at the ground But it’s so far away and you just want to stay In the air a bit more, this is what life is for And the chute opens up and you stop- Pirate Bill and Squidly, came floating through the sky, Said Pirate Bill and Squidly “Now you know how it’s to fly” “For your heart is quick, your breath is short, Your eyes are filled with pools And your life can be just like this if you follow these few rules”- Sea Fire Productions Inc. c&p 2003
"Blahggle waggle, ratzin' fratzin, pthupt!"
Gurgles 02:40
Piobaireachd 01:56
Who am I? 00:51


released April 1, 2003


all rights reserved



Heather Alexander Redmond, Washington

A changling from the Land of Fae, Heather brings stories and songs from a world where magic never dies and anything can happen if you only believe.

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