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by Heather Alexander

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    Heather's debut album focusing on a 20 year career of original and traditional music featuring faerie tales and folklore of the Celts.
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    Heather's debut album focusing on a 20 year career of original and traditional music featuring faerie tales and folklore of the Celts.

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HARVEST SEASON Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander A snap's within the summer wind It teases at the ear With warming glow in fields below The harvest season's here Soon leaves shall yield a brilliant shield Of copper, gold and bronze And rivers strain 'gainst summer rain As daylight later dawns COME GATHER GOLDEN HONEY COME REAP THE TENDER CORN AND WITH ME LAY IN NEW MOWN HAY BEFORE THE WINTER'S BORN! Come take my hand and work the land Come labor side by side We'll thresh the wheat and try to beat The summer's ebbing tide Our bones may ache, our backs may break But labor's been well done Pain will displace in your embrace As with the fading sun With straw stacked deep and none to reap I turn my eyes to you Your chest laid bare to warm night air And sparkling as with dew You meet my gaze through twilight haze As evening starts to fall I slyly plead that we should heed The harvest season's call! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1994
Stable Boy 02:46
STABLE BOY Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander WAY, HEY! LISTEN TO ME PLAY! WON'T YOU THROW BUT A SHILLING OR A COPPER MY WAY? TALES OF LIFE. LOVE, SORROW AND JOY ARE THE SONGS THAT ARE SUNG BY THE STABLE BOY! Well, I dream of the life of a bard on the road Yet the wages they pay, would scarcely feed the load So with hoe in my hand and with rake at my side I would care after horses for the ladies to ride Well, the farmer, he calls me into his big home Sayin' "Pretty stable boy, on the road you now must roam! Though you do fine work, I admit that is true, I have found me a man who will work for half as you!" Well, I woke the next morning, the sky was bright blue And the farmer, he said, "There's a favour you must do! I've a gathering of orphans with nowhere to be, You must teach them to ride so that they can work for me!" Well, we work every morning and ride every day We muck out the stalls and we feed the horses hay We're such excellent workers the foreman believes I could own this estate with my band of little thieves! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1994
Stolen Child 04:35
STOLEN CHILD Lyrics: William Butler Yeats Music: Heather Alexander Where dips the rocky highland Of Sleuthwood-in-the-lake There lies a leafy island Where flapping herons wake The drowsy water rats, There we've hid our faerie vats Full of berries, and of reddest stolen cherries! COME AWAY, HUMAN CHILD! TO THE WOODS AND WATERS WILD! WITH A FAERIE HAND IN HAND FOR THE WORLD'S MORE FULL OF WEEPING THAN YOU CAN UNDERSTAND Where the wave of moonlight glosses The dim grey sands with light Far off by furthest Rosses We foot it all the night Weaving olden dances, Mingling hands and mingling glances Till the moon has taken flight! Two and fro we leap! And chase the frothy bubbles While the world is full of troubles And is anxious in it's sleep! Where the wandering water gushes From the hills above Glen Carr In pools among the rushes That scarce can bathe a star We seek for slumbering trout And whispering in their ears Give them evil dreams! Leaning softly out From ferns that drop their tears Of dew on the young streams! Away with us, he's going The solemn eyed He'll hear no more the lowing Of the calves on the warm hillside Or the kettle on the hob Sing peace unto his breast Or see the brown mice bob Round and round the oatmeal chest! FOR HE COMES, HUMAN CHILD! TO THE WOODS AND WATERS WILD! WITH A FAERIE HAND IN HAND FOR THE WORLD'S MORE FULL OF WEEPING THAN HE CAN UNDERSTAND Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1994
JOHN BARLEYCORN/ Drowsy Maggie/ Unfortunate Rake Traditional lyrics and fiddle tunes Music and arrangment by Heather Alexander Let me tell a tale of my father's kin For his blood runs through my veins No man's been born that could best John Barleycorn For he suffered many pains, he suffered many pains! They've buried him well beneath the ground And they've covered over his head And these men from the west did solemnly attest John Barleycorn was dead, John Barleycorn was dead! But the warm spring rains came a pourin' down And John Barleycorn arose And upon that ground he stood without a sound Til he began to grow, til he began to grow! They've hired a man with a knife so sharp For to cut him through the knees And they've pitched Barleycorn and tied him down with thorn And served him barbarously, they've served him barbarously! And they've hired some men with crabtree sticks For to beat him high and low And the skin off his back, they then began to smack Til the place began to blow, the place began to blow! And they've ground his bones inbetween two stones And they've served him worse than that For they've tossed him into an oaken mashing bin And they've sealed him in a vat, they've sealed him in a vat! But John Barleycorn proved the stoutest man Though they did all that they could So raise up your horn in praise to Barleycorn And we shall drink his blood, yes we shall drink his blood! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1994
POUR YOUR BROTHER Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander POUR YOUR BROTHER ONE MORE ROUND! PICK EACH OTHER OFF THE GROUND! LET ANOTHER CHORUS SOUND! POUR YOUR BROTHER ANOTHER ROUND! Draw another draft for me! Drink til I'm too blind to see! This one's done, pray get me three! Draw another draft for me! Cheers to the brewer for his brew! Without this ale, we cannot do! Drink until the cask is through! Cheers to the brewer for his brew! Cheers to the barmaid, she's a saint! It's wondrous how she stands the straint! Catch me, lass, I'm going to faint! Cheers to the barmaid, she's a saint! Dance unto the drummer's beat! Drink with everyone ya meet! Your head'll dance without your feet! Dance unto the drummer's beat! Here's to the lad upon my knee! Heaven bound I soon will be! It ain't a sin because it's free! Here's to the lad upon my knee! Here's to the Lords and to the Crown! Here's to the Lady in the low-cut gown! A shame it's not just a little more down! Here's to the Lords and to the Crown! Lassies say they never drink! They're scrubbing pots and pans, you think But they keep the mead below the sink! Lassies say they never drink! Pour your sister one more glass! Catch the ale on the second pass! Catch the lord with that wondrous .......! Pour your sister one more glass! Cheers unto my faithful friend! For on this ale, his gold I'll spend! The friendship and the song may end! But cheers unto my faithful friend! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1994
Faerie Queen 07:16
FAERIE QUEEN Verses: Philip Obermarck Chorus and Music: Heather Alexander One wintery night, a wondrous sight I met while riding back Returning from a ceiligh With me fiddle in me pack My horse, it stopped quite suddenly Its ears began to twitch He bucked and threw me, pack and all Into a nearby ditch I tried to rise, but then my eyes Alighted on a scene Of faerie creatures dancing by Cavorting round thier queen She'd been out hunting, it was plain Delighted by her prize And though he was enthralled to her I knew his gentle eyes I stood again a shouted When they drew abreast of me "I challenge you, for you have caught My husband soon to be!" They stopped and she gazed down at me The queen astride her steed "I see you have the courage, dear, But skill is what you need!" BE IT CARVED FROM OUT THE FINEST WOOD OR STRUNG WITH SILVER STRING ONLY MORTAL TRUST OR FAERIE DUST CAN MAKE A FIDDLE SING! "We each shall play and I will say Which fiddle is played best. And should you win, this mortal toy I'll free without protest." They handed her a violin As black as she was fae She placed her bow upon the strings And then began to play- My spirit low, I raised my bow And knew not where to start I looked within my lover's eyes And then within my heart My head was filled with mortal dreams Of love beneath the moon Of sun and rain and season's change And so began my tune I raised my head, my arms like lead My heart ablaze once more The faerie queen looked down at me, Shaken to the core "I've played for many centuries, Yet by the stars above You've taught me skill is not enough It can't compare to love!" Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1994
Storyteller 04:44
STORYTELLER Lyrics & Music: Heather Alexander I spin tales each day of this world full of wonder I hear people say you can harvest the plunder But as I reach out with a trembling hand All the gold coins just turn into sand I feel very weary, my temper is biting I know I've grown leary and tired of the fighting I pray every day that is all will be grand But I sure could use help of your kind, friendly hand PLEASE, STORYTELLER, PULL A TALE FROM YOUR POCKET SPIN ME A STORY FROM YOUR COAT TAIL SO BARE MY HEART HAS TURNED COLD MY DREAMS ARE TOO OLD AND I NEED TO KNOW MAGIC'S STILL THERE My own coat's too thin and I'm down to the lining The spirit within, on itself is entwining My colours are faded, my cuffs are both worn And the seam down the back is all tattered and torn I walk through your door, see the smile that won't tire I sit on the floor with your dog by the fire You guide me on walkways where the faerie lights burn And I hope that I never return Who'll keep the firelight bright when you're gone? Who has the insight to help me go on? You've taught me that stories once told can come true And I hope that I tell them with magic like you Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1994
An Sceal 03:22
Original Instrumental Composed & Arranged by Heather Alexander Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1994
Neverland 04:49
NEVERLAND Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander Once we all were children And so it was we'd play But then you all grew up And as adults you went away And I was left alone here Just as it used to be No one but the lost boys Tinkerbell and me So I flew around the moon three times And caught a falling star And came into this world of mimes To live just as you are But all I found was pain here And one thing that held true That you did not believe in me So I won't believe in you! NEVER AGAIN! TO DO AS ALL ADULTS HAVE DONE! NEVER AGAIN! WILL MY WORLD AND YOUR OWN BE ONE! NEVER AGAIN! WILL YOU HEAR WHEN THE CHILD WITHIN ME CRIES! NEVER AGAIN! NEVER IS WHERE MY HEART NOW LIES! NEVERLAND! NEVER IS WHERE MY HEART NOW LIES! Neverland's well protected Against all time and age All schooling's been rejected I'm not a parrot in a cage Your minds are over-rated Your spirits all are cowed Here I'm not tolerated And my freeedom's not allowed! I've returned to Neverland To play my favourite games Forgotten is the pain at hand And I don't remember names There's indians and mermaids Far better than a book And if my interest in them fades Well, there's always Captain Hook! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1994
Wanderlust 05:20
WANDERLUST Lyrics: Philip Obermarck Music: Heather Alexander My time is up and the ship bell chimes So raise a cup and think betimes Of this poor sailor 'pon the sea Who's passing is but memory 'Tis not that I would have you think Of this but as a friendly drink For with my heart I loved you truly Though I'm forced to treat you cruely FOR THE FEVER'S UPON ME AND MY CAPTAIN IS CALLIN' I CANNOT STAY WITH THEE MY DESTINY'S CALLIN' I'LL NEVER BE FREE BUT I'LL DO WHAT I MUST A CAPTIVE OF MY WANDERLUST The tide has turned and so we sail This brief sojourn has now grown stale The wanderlust has me indeed I care not where my travels lead The Captain asks if I'm afeared A smile tangled in his beard His laughter tells me he must know The pain that I now undergo I cast my fate into the wind I have no mate, nor kith, nor kin For I must go where I am sent A victim of self banishment Orion has become my guide And Venus is my willing bride With wanderlust my fuel and feed I roam the world as 'tis decreed Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1994
RAISE A GLASS Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander Faded is the dark of night, And dawn awaits to rise- Stars with their enchanted light, Turn misty in the skies, A parting glass, a last farewell, A smile to light my way- Before the sunlight casts it’s spell, That changes night to day- Come raise a glass with me my friend, Come raise a glass to dawn, Here’s wishing that tomorrow sends you Shadows of my song- Sea Fire Productions c&p 1994


released April 1, 1994


all rights reserved



Heather Alexander Redmond, Washington

A changling from the Land of Fae, Heather brings stories and songs from a world where magic never dies and anything can happen if you only believe.

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