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Life's Flame

by Heather Alexander

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    A live album capturing the experience and magic of bardic stories and songs performed in the traditional Celtic style since time began.
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EGGS & CRUMBS Verse Lyrics: Philip Obermarck Chorus & Music: Heather Alexander A woman had a babby boy, She loved him much & he gave her joy The wee folk came & on a whim They took the boy away with them EGGS & CRUMBS& MILK & GRAIN! BRING MY BABY BACK AGAIN! And in his place, they left instead A changling sleeping in his bed The lass, she saw his wizened face "They ta'in my baby from his place!" The changling shrieked & howled & cried And not she did would make it bide She formed a plan to try to prove This elfling child was not her love She put a cauldron on to boil And soon the changeling ceased to roil She broke a dozen eggs in half And as he watched, the changeling laughed She put the eggshells in the brew He says, "Me Mother, what do you do?" "Why can't ya see, me silly dove, I've eggshells brewing on the stove!" "In eighteen hundred years," says he "A brewer of shells, I never did see!" And with those words he realized He'd broke the spell and he'd lost the prize! Sea Fire Productions Inc. c&p 1996
CAT & THE FIDDLE Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander Monday mornin', standin' on the corner Pardon me, if we're getting in your way We'll tip our hats, be ya' native here or foreigner Drop a coin if you're likin' what we play SINGIN' HEY-DIDDLE -DEE, ANSWER ME THIS RIDDLE HEY-DIDDLE-DO, TELL ME WHAT YOU WILL DANCE ALL DAY WITH THE CAT & THE FIDDLE COME & LAY WITH THE HEATHER ON THE HILL! Ward the cold from your fingers as you're clappin' hands Keep the rhythm with the tappin' of your feet Fiddle music mingling with the rappin' bands Blind men dance as they're walkin' down the street We'll sing our songs of places that are faraway Kings and castles, heroes brave and bold Never travel farther than a bar away Whiskey keeps our spirits from the cold Tomorrow we'll be just where we were yesterday Now we find that the night is getting long We'll disappear into the dusty alleyway All you hear is the echo of the song Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1996
BLACK JACK’S LADY Music & Lyrics by Heather Alexander Two horses trails within the grass, A gypsy man and his bonny wee lass, They’re heading for the Hedgeford Pass ‘Tis none but the Black Jack Davy! The moon light glistens like his grin, The lass lays back and she welcomes him in, For to love this way could ne’er be sin ‘Cause she now is the Black Jack’s Lady THEY LOVE ALL NIGHT AND WITH THE DAWN THE LADY WAKES AND HER DAVY IS GONE WHAT A FOOL SHE'D BEEN TO HAVE TAGGED ALONG AND BE KNOW AS THE BLACK JACK'S LADY! She’s gathered up her goods and gear Her current path is crystal clear ‘Cause a vow she’s sworn for to conjure fear In the heart of the Black Jack Davy With stolen horse and a sword as well Revenge has cast it’s unbreakable spell And she rides all night like a spawn from hell On the path of the Black Jack Davy SHE RIDES OR' HILL AND RIDES OR' DALE WITH SILVER SWORD AND A STALLION PALE ON THE WINDS YOU CAN HEAR THE BANSIDHE WAIL! 'TIS THE CRY OF THE BLACK JACK'S LADY! Her hair is like the setting sun Her grace and speed they are rivaled by none But you soon shall rue the deed you have done If you lie with the Black Jack’s Lady Her face is fair, her breath is sweet But do not fall for her cunning deceit For she’ll slice you wide from your head to feet T’is the way of the Black Jack’s Lady Black Jack Davy, turn yourself around! Else your Lady will lay you in the cold hard ground! And now upon each dark-moon night With eyes ablaze though they never give light Riding horseback with her sword-blade bright Goes the form of the Black Jack’s Lady So lock your doors, inside to stay Young men best keep out of her way For there’s none can stop her sword they say Or the ride of the Black Jack’s Lady YOUNG MEN, BEST BE STRONG AND TRUE! BE FAITHFUL IN THE LOVING YOU DO OR ELSE LET GODS HAVE PITY ON YOU IF YOU MEET WITH THE BLACK JACK'S LADY! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1996
SOMETHING DARK Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander How dare you come to my home And steal so savagely What we would gladly give for free If you were to ask? By Suns! The audacity! To seize me for your own And drag me off to hills unknown As part of your prize! Yet when I meet your stare I feel something there! OH NO! I WILL NOT GO WITH YOU!' But pray tell me why I must gaze in your eye? Tell me, what do I hope to see? SOMETHING DARK CALLS TO ME! Then when you come out and ask Of me an urgent plea I find I cannot turn from he Of yours who would die But as I then touch his soul I find a thing so strange As to have caused your kin to change Throughout years of time Its kind I've never seen Spawned from shadows green! OH NO! I WILL NOT GO WITH YOU!' But pray tell me why I find trust in your eye? Tell me, what is this thing I see? SOMETHING DARK CALLS TO ME! Now that you have won our trial And you have hurt my friend My quiet life of sorrow's end Will not be the same Why do I still feel this way? Where is this hidden voice That tells me that against my choice I must join with you? Yet now I know the name To make the wild wolf tame! OH NO! I DARE NOT GO WITH YOU!' Though I recognize That there's love in your eyes Tell me, how has this come to be? I HEAR YOU CALLING ME! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1996
VOICES OF THE SEA Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander "Oooo! Let the wind fill your sail!" "Oooo! Good weather to you prevail!" Thus call all the voices of the sea To which whose spell not a sailor can be free The ship was called The Golden Swan When it came to port, not a man was on And none knew where they'd gone! They'd sailed through a pass of jagged rocks Upon which a fair-haired maiden combed her locks She got her tail tangled in a cord And to help her, every sailor jumped off board! "Sailor, sailor, help me free!" "Your trusted lover, I will be!" "If you just believe in me!" They swam in a sea as warm as mother's milk Caressed by hands as sweet and soft as silk They gazed in eyes that sparkled through the sea "Oh sailor, sailor, come make love to me!" "Come gambol through the raging tide!" "Swim forever by my side!" "On the waves as one we'll ride!" Their castle lay within a golden bed Of sunken treasure from the drowned dead "Oh sailors, all this gold is yours one day." "If only you'll believe in what we say." "Never question what you do." "Your life, it will remain with you." "If you just believe we're true!" They dined on fish and drank of bottled wine And danced with the mermaids through the salted brine This wonderland was too much to believe And with that thought, the sailors found they couldn't breathe They tried to swim up to the sky But they found the towering waves too high And the mermaids began to cry "Oooo! Let the wind fill your sail!" "Oooo! Good weather to you prevail!" "Oooo! Let the wind fill your sail!" Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1996
Samhain 03:12
SAMHAIN! Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander As the sun bleeds through the mirk 'Tis the last day we shall work- For the veil is thin and the spirit wild, And the crone is carrying Harvest's child! SAMHAIN! TURN AWAY! RUN YE BACK TO THE LIGHT OF DAY! SAMHAIN! HOPE AND PRAY! ALL YE MEET ARE THE GENTLE FAE! Burn the fields and dry the corn, Feel the breath of Winter born! Stow the grain 'gainst season's flood, Spill the last of the livestock's blood- Let the feasting now begin, Careful who you welcome in! The table's set with a stranger's place, Don't stare openly at his face! Stranger do you have a name? Tell us all from whence you came- You seem more like god than man, Has curse or blessing come to this clan? Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1996
DEFENDER OF THE CHILD Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander So there you are! Hiding just behind my eye! Another scar, Breath of a death you will never die! Fresh drawn blood upon your cheek Confrontation's all you seek Passion rampant, hatred wild! DEFENDER OF THE CHILD! Another friend This means that the blood will fall Can it not end? Why should I try having love at all? Sword is drawn, you take that stand Soon you'll sever friendship's hand Add it to the bodies piled DEFENDER OF THE CHILD! Without you Life would seem forever sweet Without you 'Twould be a merry dance Without you I would trust each face I meet Without you I'd never have a chance! So stand by me Fight them only when you must Love yet can be Pain will remain if we do not trust Join as one instead of two If they love me, then they love you Wisdom's strong and mercy's mild DEFENDER OF THE CHILD! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1996
Ragged Man 02:43
RAGGED MAN Lyrics: Philip Obermarck Music: Heather Alexander Hey, little ragged man, tell me where you're goin'? The twilight hours are long over and the winter winds are blowin' Do you have a secret that keeps you set apart Or are you just a victim of someone's hardened heart? Hey, little ragged man, are you headin' homeward? Or is your home a mystery like an edge without a sword? Do you keep your secret away from all you meet Or do you have a partner upon the silent street? Hey, little ragged man, help me find the courage I need the strength to carry on and stand up to this outrage Let me know your secret, let me be your friend Together we will conquer, together we will mend I saw a little ragged man with feet of dancing frost With rags about his icy hands and his breath plumed like exhaust He laughed and looked upon the end And cried 'cause he had lost Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1996
STORMBRINGER Lyrics: Philip Obermarck Music: Heather Alexander The green wood sighs and shutters The west wind wails and mutters Grey clouds crawl across the sky The moon hides her face 'til the sunlight dies And mankind soon shall realize The Bringer of Storms walks tonight! NO MORTAL DARE TO MEET THE GLARE OF THE EYE OF THE STORMBRINGER! FOR HE IS THE LIGHTNING SLINGER! THE GLORY SINGER! THE GALLOW'S REAPER! Upon his shoulder, ravens His face like stone engraven Astride a six-hooved stygian beast He gathers the fruit of the gallow's trees Driving legions to victory! The Bringer of War walks tonight! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1996 KISS ME, JACK FROST Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander Throughout every city, Within every town There is always a strange man That roves up and down As the sky tumbles over And the cold nips your ear The wind that he conjures Lets you know he's here! He'll steal all the flowers And hide from the sun And he'll give them white blankets 'Til their roots have begun When they raise up their heads And young birds take to wing He's made good his word Of the coming of Spring! NO ONE KNOWS WELL OF THE MAN I HAVE SEEN HE SERVES AS PROTECTOR OF THE YOUNG AND THE GREEN WITH HIS SILVER WIND WHISTLE HIS TUNE BRIGHT AND CLEVER COME KISS ME, JACK FROST AND I'LL LIVE FOREVER! He'll dance on one leg And he'll hop all around And a wail on his whistle Brings snow to the ground His song is enchanting It's meaning quite plain Nature responds with Her thundering rain! If he'd glance at my face As he passes me by If he only would notice The frost in my eye If he'd just take my hand Then away we would go Jack Frost and me And the hoody crow! NO ONE KNOWS WELL OF THE MAN I HAVE SEEN HE SERVES AS PROTECTOR OF THE YOUNG VELVET GREEN WITH HIS SILVER WIND WHISTLE HIS TUNE BRIGHT AND CLEVER COME KISS ME, JACK FROST AND I'LL LIVE FOREVER! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1996
Life's Flame 06:18
LIFE’S FLAME Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander One dark and stormy night, a fledgling fell from flight, into a falconer’s arms- Though dead it seemed to be, the falconer could not see, any wound to cause such harms- The falconer bound it ‘round, and laid it on the ground, then went and built a funeral pyre- With the bandaged bird within, soon the flames began to spin, tangle up and then grow higher- From there a phoenix bold, rose up of flame and gold, twisting about within the air- Still bound it hung above, and sang of pain and love, of magic power both dark and fair- I AM LIFE'S FLAME! RESPECT MY NAME! MY FIRE IS RED, MY HEART IS GOLD! THY DREAMS CAN BE! BELIEVE IN ME! IF YOU BUT LET MY WINGS UNFOLD! Up spoke the falconer’s fear, “There may be danger here, I cannot let this raptor free- It’s words I cannot trust, it burns with power’s lust, and so in turn it could burn me-” The falconer then moved fast, and iron shackles cast, thus catching up the bird in chain- “Thy fear has boded ill, and bound me ‘gainst my will, now I must die and rise again-” The phoenix burned so bright, it burst upon the night, it’s golden breast did flame and flare- One flash of fire and then, came stormy night again, and found the falconer holding air! The magic never dies, in children’s hearts it lies, pray let them learn from times before- From dragon’s flame and ire, can come forth phoenix fire, and we will hear the song once more- Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1996
Hap'n' Frog 02:56
HAP’N FROG Music & Lyrics by Heather Alexander Hap’n Frog in the summer rain, Munchin’ on flies and he can’t complain- Callin’ “Mr. Raccoon are you still there?” And he’s answered back by the tortoise and hare- SINGIN' “HEY, HEY, WHAT DO YOU SAY?” “LET'S ALL DANCE ON A SUMMER'S DAY!” “HEY, HEY, WHAT DO YOU SAY?” “LET'S ALL DANCE ON A SUMMER'S DAY!” Hap’n Frog and he’s singing a song, Makin’ up words as he hops along- Finally sees Mr. Red Raccoon, And together they make up a dandy tune! Hap’n Frog and he’s hitchin’ a ride, Gets picked up by the ocean tide- The waves they troll him out to sea, But he can swim better than you or me! Hap’n Frog’s caught by a bird, Screamin’ so loud Mr. Raccoon heard- Mr. Raccoon comes then to settle the score, ‘Cause that’s what the Froggie’s friends are for! Hap’n Frog’s singing in the rain, Mr. Raccoon’s got a new refrain- Together they’re joined by the tortoise and hare, And there never was a summer night so fair! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1996
OLD MAN FROM THE BARROW Lyrics: Philip Obermarck Music: Heather Alexander The old man from the barrow Came to sing to me last night He stood outside my window When the moon was full and bright His face was hard as diamond His eyes were cold as ice His voice was like a bond That gripped me in a vice AND HE SANG TO ME OF THE STARS OVER HEAD OF HIS HOME UNDERGROUND AND HE'D COME TO BE WED THOUGH I HEARD NOT A SOUND AS HE SANG TO ME He trod upon the crystals Of the newly forming frost With every step I felt a thrill And knew that I was lost Thus bathed within the moonlight His coat of verdigris I knew I could not fight For he had come for me The old man from the barrow Will return again tonight The icy winds will blow As we perform the ancient rite For what is bred within bone's Revealed in the flesh Had my ancestors known Or could this be their wish? Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1996
BLOOD BROTHERS Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander My hand to yours Let our spirits run free Let our souls intermingle For brothers of blood are we My life for your own Your truth for my lie When we walk we are one And thus, together we'll die HAIL TO THE FOUR QUARTERS OF THE EARTH! TO THE FOUR WINDS OF THE SEA! BY THE SCAR WITHIN MY HAND BRING MY BROTHER TO ME! BRING BACK MY BROTHER TO ME! I miss the sound of his footsteps The sparkle in his eye I miss the sound of him calling my name God, I can't let him die! I can still feel his heartbeat Though his blood's cold as stone I won't let them take him! He shan't die alone! I take a blade forged of silver Split the mark on my hand The blood flows like the tears from my eyes They both fall to the sand I watch the sun set before me While darkness blankets the sky The waves as they break on the beach Muffle the sounds as I cry (BY THE BLOOD WITHIN MY HAND) The waves cease their crashing And dawn lightens the sky I hear the sound of him whispering my name There's a sparkle in his eye! HAIL TO THE FOUR QUARTERS OF THE EARTH! SING TO THE FOUR WINDS OF THE SEA! BY THE SCARS WE SHARE IN OUR HANDS YOU'VE SENT BACK MY BROTHER TO ME! MY BROTHER HAS COME BACK TO ME! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1996
CREATURE OF THE WOOD Lyrics: Philip Obermarck Music:Heather Alexander I am a creature of the wood, Forsaken in my solitude My song is pleasure and is pain My song can drive a man insane So come with me, my pipes I’ll play And we will dance ’til break of day! I shall be thy lover! I’ve been alive since time began Not beast, not God and yet not man I am the music and the dance I am the piper who enchants So loose all ties to Mortal kind My pipes shall play within thy mind! I shall be thy lover! Come unto me, my beauteous maid I’ll lead thee to the hidden glade Thou shalt be happy and be free When I play, thou wilt dance for me We’ll feast on fruit fresh from the vine And I will sample the fruits of thine! I shall be thy lover! Sweet love I’ll make for thee alone And show thee sights before unknown I’ll be thy master and thy friend For I’m the gold at Rainbow’s End I am the beast within all men I am the rhyme past Mortal ken! I shall be thy lover! I’ve played my pipes before Man’s dawn Seen maidens ripe turn pale and wan Taught Man the art of song and dance Yet had to part from Mortal clans I must return to silent dells No fire burns, and Nature dwells! So take thy rest within the shade And as the evening hours fade I’ll take thee deeper in the glade My cloven hooves through heather wade I’ll teach thee things Man has forbade Our souls entwined and unafraid I shall be thy lover! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1996
The Garden 03:48
THE GARDEN Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander I woke up one morning To a crystal castle all alone Looked outside And there lay before me A garden of dreams all my own Barefoot I walked by its sparkling stream Smiled to the fish swimming there Said "Hello" To the frog on his rock Flew with the birds in the air EACH MAN BUILDS HIS OWN GARDEN BY WHAT HIS HEART SAYS IS TRUE AND MINE IS SO VERY SPECIAL TO ME CAN I TRUST IT WITH YOU? Well, my love, here's the key to the garden Tread soft as you travel its lands Walk with bare feet Say "Hello" to the frog And drink from the stream with your hands I remember you smiled, and said "You know, I've seen this before." And the wind sang a love song so sweet The flowers bowed down Their heads as you passed And the grass sparkled under your feet EACH MAN BUILDS HIS OWN GARDEN BY WHAT HIS HEART SAYS IS TRUE AND MINE IS SO VERY SPECIAL TO ME BUT IT SEEMS I CAN SHARE IT WITH YOU We reached the end of the garden You said, "You know, this will work out just fine!" "The reason it seemed So familiar to me, Is that yours is built right next to mine!" TOGETHER WE BUILT THE SAME GARDEN THE VERY SAME STREAM RUNNING THROUGH AND I THINK THE WALLS BETWEEN US SHOULD FALL SO THAT THERE'LL BE ONE GARDEN FOR TWO EACH MAN BUILDS HIS OWN GARDEN BY WHAT HIS HEART SAYS IS TRUE AND I THANK THE STARS THAT WATCH OVER ME BECAUSE OURS IS A GARDEN FOR TWO OURS IS A GARDEN FOR TWO Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1996
LIFETIME OF SONG Music & Lyrics: Heather Alexander How great is the need for the toys of mankind If you learn how to feed from the joys you can find? When a smile and a wink and a snippet of song Is good trade for a drink and a place to belong? What gift can I find in return for this prize? All the genuine kindness I see in your eyes? I can learn of your dreams and this much I can do For this moment, it seems, I can give them to you I WILL FASHION A RHYME WITH A TWIST OF MY TONGUE I WILL TURN BACK THE TIME TO WHEN ALL THINGS WERE YOUNG I WILL GIVE TO THIS EARTH, OF MY SELF, RIGHT OR WRONG FOR YOUR KINDNESS IS WORTH MY LIFETIME OF SONG I confront all your fears so for you they will die I can cry all the tears that you tough boys won’t cry All the words you can’t speak will be my common speech All the answers you seek, I can help you to reach This vow that I make, for my lifetime will stay For the music you take, you can give what you may A green paper eagle, or a smile when we part All tender is legal when sent from the heart! Sea Fire Productions Inc c&p 1996


released September 1, 1996


all rights reserved



Heather Alexander Redmond, Washington

A changling from the Land of Fae, Heather brings stories and songs from a world where magic never dies and anything can happen if you only believe.

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